T Shirt Printing Columbia MO | Everything You Need To Know

T Shirt Printing Columbia MO | Everything You Need To Know

Things To Know About T-Shirt Printing

Clothing is one of the major developments brought about by human evolution. It became a source of insulation throughout colder and warmer months, which was essential for survival. But as years went by, the need for clothing was more than just for survival, as it became a means for self-expression. 

People wear clothes that communicate their personality, values, and beliefs and convey their individuality, which to some extent, affects how others perceive them. One of the most popular clothing choices is shirts, mostly because they are convenient, versatile, and comfortable. That’s why it’s not a surprise that t-shirt printing has become an in-demand service and business. 

It’s also natural for people to search for the best businesses that provide t shirt printing in Columbia, MO. To help you with that, below are a few things you must learn about t shirt printing. 

Types of Shirt Printing

T-shirt printing refers to the process of putting designs or text on a t-shirt. It involves using different kinds of printing techniques, depending on the fabric, style, and budget. Each of these methods has its own set of pros and cons. So to help you decide which among them is best for your needs and preferences, discussed below are a few of them. 

Screen Printing 

Screen printing is one of the most well-known methods of shirt printing. This technique involves the use of a mesh screen, squeegee, and ink to transfer a stenciled design to a shirt. Other than fabric, it can also work on different surfaces, such as paper, metal, wood, plastic, and even glass. Some pros of this technique are that it is long-lasting and effective on darker fabrics. On the contrary, it can be expensive, especially if multiple colors are required. 

Heat Transfer

By the name itself, heat transfer refers to the process of using a heating press to put a design created through wax or resin-based ink into a piece of garment. That’s why it is also otherwise known as thermal printing. The procedure involves printing the design into a special transfer paper, which makes it easier to move the design into a fabric surface.

An advantage of this method is that it allows photo prints to be transferred as is, even if made with a wide variety of complex colors. However, the images add an additional layer to the shirt, which can be ruined easily if you accidentally iron them. 

Dye Sublimation

As defined by science, sublimation refers to the direct conversion of a substance from a solid to a gaseous state. In t-shirt printing, dye sublimation is the process of printing a design into a heated sublimation transfer paper to allow the ink to disintegrate in your shirt. Though sublimation is somewhat similar to thermal printing, the former only passes on the design’s ink into the fabric, while the latter often includes a transfer layer. 

One of the benefits of using dye sublimation is that it gives off a high-quality and sleeker finish to the printed designs. But, in contrast, this printing approach often works best with white or light-colored fabrics. Also, because it uses MCYK printing, transferring designs with white will often not turn out well. 

Direct-to-Garment Printing (DTG)

Direct-to-Garment printing pertains to the process of transferring designs on textiles with the use of water-based ink and specialized inkjet technology. To print the designs, the garment that will be used will need to be pretreated first and dried up through a printing press. After which, the shirt will be positioned on the plate of the DTG printer to transfer the programmed design. Lastly, the shirt is cured under the heating press to lock the design in place. 

The pros of DTG printing are that it has a quick turnaround time and can be used on low-volume orders. However, this method doesn’t often work for all fabric types, especially for garments made out of dry-fit materials. A cotton content of at least 80 percent is advisable to achieve the best results with DTG printing. 

Qualities To Look For in a Shirt Printing Service

T-shirt printing is a fun and fulfilling activity. It allows you to customize a design where you can express your individuality and beliefs. But because it can be expensive, other than selecting a suitable printing technique, choosing the best shirt printing provider is important. In that way, you know you’re getting your money’s worth for the designs you’ve curated carefully. To name a few, here are some qualities you should seek in a printing service.  

  • They offer a wide range of inks and colors
  • They guarantee quality prints
  • They make an effort to use environmentally friendly materials
  • They are reliable and service-oriented
  • They receive many positive reviews

Final Thoughts

It is without a doubt that there are plenty of businesses that offer t shirt printing in Columbia, MO. However, not all of them can guarantee results that help you achieve your desired style and preferences. So, if you want to find the best shirt printing business, the two factors discussed are some of the crucial aspects you’ll need to consider. 

More importantly, before making a decision, be sure to check multiple t-shirt printing services for you to have more than one option to choose from. After all, t-shirt printing is a meticulous process that can’t be undone, so you must ensure your shirt designs are in good hands.