Expert Help in Mergers

Expert Help in Mergers

In the fast-moving modern business world, mergers and acquisitions are as common as procurement and utilities for manufacturing. They happen daily and frequently, startups become part of bigger operations, and competitors join forces to consolidate their markets. In all of that activity, it becomes essential to have technical expertise on one’s side to navigate the multiple hurdles involved. 

Regulation is Always Present

No matter what the industry is, regulation is an environmental presence regardless. It comes in multiple forms, including everything from licensing to the approval of changes of ownership. If the regulatory powers are opposed to a merger or acquisition, it generally becomes difficult or impossible to accomplish. While this tends to only apply the most frequently to the major market movers, there’s nothing that stops regulators from paying attention to smaller deals as well. And that puts everyone at risk without the representation needed to put regulators at ease. 

The goal of dealing with regulation is to stay within its parameters versus being a threat. Regulation, fundamentally, is intended to keep a level playing field as intended by legislation and government. Stay within the organic definitions of the approved environment, and the regulation protects a presence. Become a risk to the system, and the same regulation constrains and prevents your presence. Expertise helps businesses during change stay on the right side of that parameter.

Acquisition Validity and Verification

Every sale and acquisition of a business is at arm’s length, regardless of networks and relationships. And that validation effort pays dividends in avoiding the assumption of mistakes that can be costly in the long term. Simply look at what has happened with the acquisition of Twitter, the well-known social media platform. What should have been a strategic move has turned into an attrition mess desperately being worked to pull out of a nose-dive. No business in the driver’s seat of acquisition should voluntarily put itself in that kind of a situation with good due diligence. Having the right expertise on board to perform that diligence accurately and competently makes all the difference. Remember, not every acquisition opportunity should be taken. Due diligence is how the good options are filtered from the bad ones. 

Among Scandinavian and European acquisition/merger expertise, there are standouts available with extensive skill and experience in helping businesses grow, consolidate and merge. That kind of help doesn’t grow on trees, as the saying goes, it comes with real people who have spent years and time learning what works best for each industry, scenario, and business environmental conditions. It can’t be drawn down from reference material, books, or case studies. Instead, the skill comes from practical application and understanding how to respond as circumstances change from expected paradigms. 

Here are some of the most notable merger and acquisition European expertise providers available:

Aabø-Evensen – Norway’s Standout

A legal firm focused on high-quality service during mergers and acquisitions as well as business guidance for growth, the team at Aabø-Evensen provides one of the best, hands-on choices for business changes and market movements by merger/acquisition in the country. Not only does Aabø-Evensen help work out the possibilities of decisions available, they also provide critical advanced due diligence to avoid those options that could be painful mistakes as well. Visit website. 

Dentons – Multi-Location Presence

For a business presence expertise that works in different parts of Europe, Dentens has presence and capabilities for international support, as well as for growth across diverse markets. Visit their website. 

Ashurst – A Global Approach to Growth

Longevity isn’t a bad thing. Ashurst has been involved in complex business changes and growth for at least two centuries, spanning a broad period of collected experience in business change, government interaction, and mergers or acquisitions. Their practiced approach has repeatedly been part of company growth, evolution, and transition in Europe. Visit their site.