How to Protect a Pup from Bee Stings?

How to Protect a Pup from Bee Stings?

Dogs are curious creatures who love to explore new things. For instance, if you leave a canine fur baby in the garden, they most likely will spend time watching and following little critters like spiders, honey bees, and other tiny creatures they can get their paws on. You may appreciate your pupper’s fascination for strange things; however, uncertainty brings several risks.

Suppose your puppy runs into a bee only to get stung in a few moments; it will need medical assistance to counter the effects. Dog insurance helps puppy parents deal with unexpected pet accidents, falls, injuries, poisoning, toxic ingestion, allergies, health emergencies, and more. Perhaps explore cheap pet insurancepolicies if you can’t afford the best pet insurance.

Such policies are economical and provide your furry baby with basic health coverage. So, contemplate purchasing a pet policy that best suits your canine pet’s health needs and is compatible with your budget. In the meantime, learn the signs a puppy stung by a bee shows and how to protect it from bee sting episodes.

Signs a puppy stung by a bee shows

A doggo stung by a bee is a rare case. However, should it occur, you must be prepared to handle the situation because bee stings can be painful, dangerous, and scary. The condition can aggravate if your puppy reacts poorly to the problem. So, you must know signs that help you quickly identify a puppy stung by a bee.

Common symptoms

  • Check if a stinger is lying around in your fur baby’s proximity or in its skin (if the latter, pull it out).
  • Carefully examine your pet dog’s body to spot the area where the bee has stung. Identifying “the spot” can be difficult if your canine friend is too furry.
  • Observe the cues given by your canine companion. Your pupper can paw at a particular area, point to the region, scratch/bite at the sting, limp, etc.
  • In case you can have a look under the outer coat, check if there are teeny-weeny red or swollen areas that can be warm and painful when touched.

How to protect a pup from bee stings?

Bees thrive in spring and summer. It is when they get busy collecting nectar from seasonal flowers in full bloom. However, it doesn’t mean we must keep our pets away from outdoor sports when bees are around.

Puppy owners can work on reducing the risks for doggos spending time outside, by practicing bee safety. The below-mentioned tips can help pet parents protect their furry pet from bee stings.

  1. Saw a hive? Then keep your fur companion away from it. Yes, the beehive smells sweet, but it is not safe for your pup to explore the secret bees are guarding so intently.
  2. Avoid outdoor parks or gardens packed with flowers. Bees are attracted to flowers. So, to avoid bee stings and bees, your puppy should avoid strolling in floral zones.
  3. You can wear light-coloured clothes, as bees consider dark shades significant threats. But what about the puppy? It is not covered as much, so take a route that isn’t loaded with flower blooms.
  4. Keep your canine fur baby on a leash so you are more in control of their movements. You can pull it to help prevent them from bumping into a bee colony, of course, accidentally.
  5. Bees are less active at dawn and dusk. So, venture out with your pooch during that time.

Before implementing other home remedies to keep your pup safe or buying bug sprays made for dog use, talk to your vet to seek their recommendations. Also, know that bees sting when they feel threatened, not otherwise.

But, if your puppy has suffered a sting, then don’t panic; meet your vet if you notice allergic reactions in your pupper. Dog insurance can help your puppy with superior medical care at affordable costs in times like these and many others. Compare the best and cheap pet insurance plans so you can sign up for the pet insurance plan that suits your puppy’s health needs.