How to Choose the Right Bathroom Faucet?

How to Choose the Right Bathroom Faucet?

The bathroom faucet seems like a minor plumbing hardware task. However, this requires a lot of attention as the choices are endless in the market. Faucets can elevate the appearance of the bathroom in a jiffy. However, if you want to give a luxurious and elegant vibe to the bathroom, you must spend some time on such details. While the Kohler bath faucet should be aesthetic, it must also be functional. Making the right preference can be difficult with several types of faucets to choose from. Here are a few tips that will streamline the process:

Mark the faucet centre

The first step is to consider the faucet center and ensure that you have the proportions right. Also, the spout should be such that it reaches the middle of the basin quickly. Check for the ratio of the faucet and the sink as it can make or break the look.

 A massive faucet on a tiny sink would indeed look ridiculous. All the sizes of the basin or the bathtub should complement each other. Only then will the entire appearance of the bathroom create the impact together.


When looking for Kohler shower faucets, installation is a crucial part that you can’t ignore. First, see that the model you like has the same number of holes as your current model. If there are not enough installation holes available, you must get it done first. This factor applies to both bathtubs as well as basins.

Know the layout of your sink before finalizing the model not to get any surprises at the end moment. Installation of the faucet should also be easy, and the maintenance must be low, so it serves a long time.

Types of faucets

There is a wide range of faucets available in the market. Consider your requirements first to see which will suit your bathroom best. Here are the different types of Kohler bathroom faucets that you can opt for:

Single hole faucets

Such faucets are super easy to install. They get settled in the back of the sink in a single hole. Usually, there is only one knob for temperature controls and water flow.

Also, there is a single handle as well as a lever. It has a simple design and is excellent for small bathrooms. Maintaining and installing single-hole faucets is the easiest compared to other faucets.

Center set faucets

In this model, the handle and faucet come together as a single unit. There are two handles, one for each of the temperature controls. Spout and handles mount on the base, and then this unit gets fixed on the sink.

Sinks with three holes can easily fit this centre set faucet. Also, this model is perfect for bathrooms of all sizes. It looks elegant, offers easy operation, and is highly functional.

Widespread faucets

This faucet type is the most popular and for all the right reasons. All the elements in this bathroom faucet are individual and do not mount on a single base.

Usually, they arrive with two handles, where each one is independent of temperature control. There are a lot of colours, styles, and materials that you can choose from.

Vessel Faucets

If you want to create a beautiful aesthetic bathroom, vessel faucets are an excellent option. These are above countertop vessel sinks that will fit easily in the washroom. Moreover, they often arrive with a single lever handle. It looks pretty elegant and is suitable for even smaller bathrooms.

Faucet Handle

Another aspect that determines the appearance of the sink is the faucet handle. You can get the bathtub or sink set in whole or a faucet handle independently. You will receive optimal water flow with one handle, which is great for small households. Two handles come in a variety of styles, sizes, and functions.

Touchless faucets and touch-activated faucets are some fancy options that you can opt for. Furthermore, if you are looking for shower faucets, you must check out Kohler for some fantastic options.

Final Words

Bathroom faucets play a significant role in enhancing the look of the washroom. Have a clear vision of what you want, and then proceed to finalize any option. Narrow down a few faucets at Kohler Africa, and see which one you like the best. Opt for functional as well as long-lasting products that are worthy. You will never end up with any sort of disappointment with Kohler, thus look ahead for your loving faucet designs today.