Provide exciting and top-quality Facebook

Provide exciting and top-quality Facebook

I ran some tests on the effect of description in a Facebook update. I found that Facebook posts that include lists receive more likes than those which only have links.

Let me provide an example so you can understand what I am talking about.

If you would like to share content from your website on Facebook, it is necessary to visit Facebook Status Updates and enter your site’s URL. It’s like this:

It is possible to share this post without any additional details. If the content and title are appealing, you’ll receive a few fans based on the time you post it, the number of people who like it, and others.

If, on the other side, you enhance your post by including more details and a detailed list, all else being equal, you’re likely to receive more shares and likes click here.

To me, this is logical since people who are presented with a title and an image on their timeline might not “Like” it because it isn’t of any worth to them (don’t think about the fact that an average user sees hundreds of posts on their timeline each when they log into Facebook).

However, when you provide them with practical, high-quality, and simple-to-understand information (like an article), They will hit the LIKE button as they have read something valuable without leaving their timeline.

Upload images, videos, and feelings

If you look at the most well-known Facebook pages, you’ll find that they often post videos, images and infographics, charts, and so on, in addition to their average text-only posts.

This kind of content receives more shares and likes, and the page gains more followers and fans.

Offer incentives to attract more followers and fans.

Why should someone be following your business Facebook page?

It would help if you incentivized Facebook users to like your page. Some ideas to think about:

Updates of quality

This is the most valuable incentive for your customers. Before you post any content on your website, it is essential to ensure that the content you post provides the users with value.

If you consistently do this, your users will spread the word to their friends, which will draw more people to your site.

Run a contest

Numerous websites host promotions on Facebook and offer various prizes. The “cost” to join the contest is to like your page’s page.

Many tools are available, but keep an eye on the fact that they do not have a brand name. This might not be as profitable. Here are 20 Facebook giveaway examples to help be motivated.

Content upgrades

If you’ve got your blog, you can make it easy for users to Like your page and receive an up-to-date version of your blog post.

This will require additional tools but is worth trying out.

You must make sure you promote your website and its content.

When you make your company page, don’t think it will suddenly gain hundreds of followers.

In addition to the suggestions above, you must advertise your company’s page in places other than Facebook.

There are a few suggestions to think about that have worked for me:

Promote on other social media platforms

Suppose you have accounts on other social media platforms, e.g., Pinterest, etc. You can ask your followers to join your Facebook and Twitter, too.

Be courteous and inform them about the advantages of doing this.

Promote in Twitter

In addition to posting your Facebook profile on other social media platforms, You can also take advantage of Twitter’s interactive features.

If you receive an additional Twitter follower, You can email them a private (personalized) message and request them to join your Facebook (both your personal and corporate pages).

While this technique takes time (I did it by hand without any tool), it could yield excellent results.

Promote your newsletter

If you’re sending out an email newsletter or engaging with your followers via email, ensure that you invite them to join your page via Facebook.

Do not simply write the URL of your Facebook page below your signature. Instead, ask them politely to like your page for business.

Facebook ads are an absolute must.

This is the simplest and most effective method to boost your Facebook followers; however, it’s not for free.

Facebook provides a self-service advertising platform you can utilize to either grow the number of fans you have (promote the page) or increase the number of posts you post, gain more leads, boost conversions or take a range of different actions (as illustrated in the photo above) read more.

The process is pretty straightforward. In essence, you choose the page you have created, determine your purpose (promote your site) and then select your target viewers (based on the country, age, or other demographics, as well as their interests) and then decide on your daily budget as well as the duration.

The cost per campaign is contingent on many variables. The best way to test whether Facebook advertisements are a viable option to grow the number of fans you have is to try a pilot campaign for a few days.

Spend $10 to $20 per day, and run campaigns for a set period (at least one week).

Then, you can determine if the cost per unit is something you’re willing to pay.

I have had excellent results using Facebook ads, both for my websites as well as for clients’ websites. I conduct campaigns each month (for just a few days) to increase my Facebook followers.

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