Which Are The Common Ones These Days?  

Which Are The Common Ones These Days?  

The 5 most common online dating scams:

  1. Military romance scams 

Military romance scams primarily include scammers using the name and the information of an actual military soldier or they simply create a fake profile to scam people. These scammers send out messages that seem completely legitimate and they introduce themselves as they are ending their careers and their main target is older women or women who are widowed. To make it seem more believable these scammers use certain military jargon and they make up or use the names of military  base locations which makes it all seem real. As time passes these military officers start building a strong emotional connection and they start requesting money to set up an internet connection or for flights to meet you. These scams can easily be dragged for months and they have several accomplices with them who make it seem all believable. These types of scams are becoming increasingly common to an extent that is quite scary. 

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  1. Fake dating sites

Fake dating sites are mainly dating services that claim to offer legitimate meetups. These websites mainly ask you to create a profile which asks for all your personal information and the questions are always heavy on financial information. Now these dating sites will offer you a free membership as well as other perks to lure and manipulate you. Please refrain from entering any information since they’ll scam you and they might get access to your bank account. 

  1. Code verification scams

Code verification scams are one of the most common Tinder scams and they mainly involve email or text messages that are solely to verify your Tinder account. These messages may claim that Tinder is updating its records and then it asks you to verify your account. The scammer may encourage you to click on a third party link to verify your account. Once you’re gonna click on this you’ll be asked all sorts of questions related to your personal data. This could include your name, address, email address, phone number and social security number. This information is extracted to access your bank account or credit card and steal money. 

  1. Malware scams

Malware scams mainly include common threats online which include dating sites. Let me give you an example of Tinder which features a match and then several exchanges with you and your match. Then you’re offered further information on their personal web page and this may even be a fake Facebook or Instagram profile. Now these pages are not at all legitimate and they direct you to a web page that contains malware and spam information. This will allow scammers to steal all your personal data and further lead to identity fraud and financial fraud. 

  1. Photo scams

Photo scams are yet another type of dating scam. These mainly include a victim to send in their contact details in exchange of getting intimate photos of the scammer. The scammer is mainly fishing and finding intimate and personal data. This scammer may even be a fraudulent robot that plays on the emotions and excitement to get access to the victims data which may be used for financial fraud.

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