The Scammers Tell Handbook: 5 Methods to Understand Somebody is Scamming You 

The Scammers Tell Handbook: 5 Methods to Understand Somebody is Scamming You 

1. They try to get you off the dating website or application as soon as possible:

Now this is one of the biggest red flags and a scammer’s tell.  This is mainly because dating applications have customer care teams that are monitoring any strange or mischievous behaviour and if they notice a user sending the same message to multiple people they will flag it as suspicious. This will prevent the scammer from scamming people and thus they’ll fail in their mission. Therefore, scammers try to avoid this by having you directed to a new platform such as WhatsApp. These scammers use tons of excuses like their membership is expiring or maybe it’s more convenient to message on WhatsApp. Don’t fall for this please 

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2. The entire conversation gets very romantic instantly:

Now the common trend in many catfish scams is for the imposter or scammer to get very serious and romantic instantly. These scammers may bombard you with many extravagant compliments and they might also claim to fall in love with you. They’ll tell you that they’ve never felt an instant connection but you’re different. Avoid all that crap and just block this weirdo. He’s  not Romeo and you’re not Juliet! 

3. Inconsistent storyline:

Now this is another way you can tell if somebody is lying or scamming you.  If someone is lying they can easily forget what they said and since scammers operate in teams many people hide under one identity. So if someone’s story is inconsistent and they keep on telling new versions they’re definitely lying to you and you need to get away from such a person. 

4.  No profile picture:

Now please, this is one of the biggest ways that people get scammed because they assume that the person is real even if they don’t have a picture. I know it sounds very absurd but this happens a lot! If anyone doesn’t have a profile picture please avoid them! Don’t talk to them and don’t message them and if they try to contact you simply block them!

5. Overly complimentary messages:

The best way to scam someone is to flatter them and compliment them everyday. I mean at the end of the day people do use dating sites to find a match and what better way to scam someone than complimenting them everyday. So as much as you enjoy someone complimenting you please don’t fall for it. It’s simply a trap to lure you and manipulate you. This is one of the most common tricks in the book of scammers and frauds. 

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