My Friend Gained Her Money Back From a Trickster After Everyone Conveyed to Her It Was Impossible! 

My Friend Gained Her Money Back From a Trickster After Everyone Conveyed to Her It Was Impossible! 

Getting scammed is one of my biggest nightmares and I know friends who have been there. After listening to their hours-long stories, I have learned alot about scams and how you can get your money back from them. Once I even helped my friend get her money back from the scammer. Now, when it comes to scams, there are different types of them that are happening everywhere around us. 

For instance, some of these include phishing scams, online dating scam, trading ones, and so much more that I can name right now. The thing about online scams is that it is a little hard to deal with them, especially for people who are not good with technology. These people do not track theri payment receipts, and related stuff. 

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If you are someone who got scammed and are wondering if you could get your money back, then the answer is simply yes. Sure, the entire process is nerve wrecking and you need to be alert and consistent during the entire time, but it is worth it if you can get your money back. What is even better is that you can catch the scammer this way. 

Helping My Friend Get Money Back From Her Scammer Through Chargebacking 

When my roommate got scammed, she was completely confused and asked me for help. Let me remind you that I had no knowledge regarding online scams and that is when I started doing my research. I looked for different companies and sources who would help me with the scam and I came across Charge Backing. I cannot emphasize enough on how much they helped me and my friend. She was so worried at first and It was so hard for me to calm her down and deal with the entire situation at the same time. 

Charge Backing made sure to gather all the evidence they could regarding the matter. They reached out to different sources such as the company through which the money was wired, banks, and other sources. Trust me when I say this, the company literally has the best legal team ever. I have never seen someone so cooperative and professional. They assured my roommate that they are definitely going to get the money back and that is what they did. They kept their word, filed the complaint, and got her what belonged to her. 

What To Do When You Are Scammed 

The first thing you need to do is to block all your cards and bank account transactions. Next, you need to collect all the evidence you can regarding the transactions you made. Then you need to get in touch with a company like ChargeBacking that can help you in getting your money back. Make sure to lodge a complaint as well. 

Do not panic during this time and be strong. You need to face these situations and try as hard as you can to get your money back. The process is hard to deal with but once you do, you’re going to succeed for sure.