Multiple Routes You Can Stay Clear of Risky Online Dating Scams

Multiple Routes You Can Stay Clear of Risky Online Dating Scams

Now you might wonder what online dating scams and why they’re so common. Let me take you through the entire thing! So online dating scams are also commonly known as romance scams or romance fraud. These scams mainly take place when someone tries to believe they have made a connection or an online match through either an online dating application or an online dating website. However, what they don’t get is that the person they are talking to is a scammer and they’re simply using a fake profile.

 The scammer manipulates and lures the other person by gaining their trust and as time passes they ask them for money or obtain sufficient personal information to steal their identity and steal their money. Online dating scams have become so common today and there have been almost 52,593 complaints about such scams in 2020 that have been reported by the FTC ( federal trade commission). Let’s go over 5 ways and tips to avoid being scammed through online dating scams.

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5 Tips to avoid getting scammed:

1. Never give your personal information to anyone:

Now this is very straightforward but this is the most common way scammers use to scam people. People on dating sites think they’ve made a true connection because the scammer waits for several months to gain their trust and then they ask for money or personal information. Now beware girls and boys! Never give your personal information to anyone and if any person you’ve matched with asks you for money or your personal information run! You need to block that person right now and say goodbye! Don’t believe that they actually need the money! Love is blind but please don’t let love be so expensive and cost you hundreds and thousands! 

2. Avoid anyone who doesn’t have a profile picture:

Now please this is one of the biggest ways that people get scammed because they assume that the person is real even if they don’t have a picture. I know it sounds very absurd but this happens a lot! If anyone doesn’t have a profile picture please avoid them! Don’t talk to them and don’t message them and if they try to contact you simply block them!

3. Beware of messages that are overly complimentary: 

The best way to scam someone is to flatter them and compliment them everyday. I mean at the end of the day people do use dating sites to find a match and what better way to scam someone than complimenting them everyday. So as much as you enjoy someone complimenting you please don’t fall for it. It’s simply a trap to lure you and manipulate you. This is one of the most common tricks in the book of scammers and frauds. 

4. Never talk to someone who asks for intimate pictures:

Please avoid all boys or girls who pose to be actual people on Tinder or other dating sites and ask you for intimate pictures. These pictures can easily be used to manipulate you and to force you to give them money. Intimate pictures are easily the most common blackmail tool so please beware. 

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