Best 11 Ways Of Recycling Cardboard For Money

Best 11 Ways Of Recycling Cardboard For Money

Stacks on stacks of cardboard are common nowadays in every home because of meeting the grocery needs and other supplies. Cardboard is the most used material for packaging nowadays. Therefore, it is common ending up with the bulk of cardboard boxes. However, you can send them for recycling and make considerable money rather than throwing them outside and creating new landfills. Especially the businesses end up with a lot of cardboard after the arrival of stock every time. There are numerous and countless ways to recycle these boxes for money. However, we will discuss the top 11 and the best ways in this regard.

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Sell Cardboard Boxes Over “Recycler Finder”

Imagine finding a lot of buyers for your cardboard boxes over in one place. Recycler Finder is an online database where you find a lot of entities looking for such boxes to recycle and create new boxes. You just enter the zip code of your area. This platform would show you all the recyclers within the 50km radius of your location on this zip code. You can save nature and a lot of trees by selling your cardboard for money.

Hook Up With Recyclers Over “RecycleInMe”

RecycleInMe is a famous online website that is playing its role in connecting the buyers and sellers for the used items for recycling. It deals in recycling several items, including cardboard. You can list the cardboard boxes for sale over this platform by signing up and providing all the details about your boxes. Moreover, provide the personal details as well and provide a payment method from PayPal and VISA, etc. You can earn from 50 cents to $2 per box according to size, type, and condition.

“Quincy Recycle” For Bulk Cardboard Boxes

Quincy Recycle is specifically a popular platform if you want to sell your large-size boxes. The most popular type of cardboard boxes for which this company pays higher money is Gaylord boxes. It is especially beneficial for small and large businesses. They get their supplies in the Gaylord boxes and can’t keep them in their storage facilities as they occupy a lot of space. Therefore, it is better to make a considerable amount of money by selling them to the recyclers and giving them a new life.

List Cardboard Over “Recycler’s World”

Recycler’s world is a huge classified website that allows buyers and sellers of cardboard to meet their demands. There is no restriction for the loose or bailed cardboard in order to sell the recyclers. You can sign up and list the plus pak packaging or other types of boxes you have to sell. Moreover, you would find several local recyclers over this platform as well that would have listed their requirements for the desired stock. You can directly contact them and get a quote by sharing the details.

Sell Cardboard Over “Padnos”

Padnos is a great website when you want to sell your cardboard from outside the USA as well. All the cardboard that Padnos purchase goes directly to the paper and packaging mills to recycle the white cardboard box and other box types to create fresh boxes. Usually, the rates are according to the market demand. Therefore, you can earn more when the demand rises. However, make sure to collect a considerable volume of the cardboard to seek attention.

Contact Your Local Landfill Recycling Management

The waste management departments are always encouraging recycling practices to reduce packaging waste going to landfills. Several states in the USA and other countries have a reward system for sending recyclable waste like small cardboard boxes to the recycling department. Therefore, contact your local landfill recycling management and provide them with the stock you have. You would get the reward with a discount on the trash bill from the waste management authorities. Moreover, they also provide some points that you can use to buy other items.

Bail Cardboard And Sell It For A Higher Price

The best and most credible way of recycling the cardboard box sleeve and similar types of boxes is not to sell them loose. Recyclers always pay less for the loose cardboard as it increases the shipping costs and efforts to transport the cardboard to the recycling plants. You can sell the cardboard on a commercial level against higher prices by bailing them. Buy a bailing press if you end up with a lot of cardboard after every few days or on a daily basis.

Contact “Rebox” For A Firm’s Cardboard Waste

Rebox also buys the cardboard in big volumes and pays higher money than other similar options available for the empty cardboard sellers. People from Canada can also sell their cardboard for recycling over this platform. This platform is especially for companies and brands to sell their die cut cardboard boxes and other similar types of boxes. This platform entertains more the companies having big volumes of cardboard scraps. Leave all the information asked about your organization and inventory to get a quick response.

Sell To “Duffy Box” For Easy Money

Duffy box stands at the top when it comes to the years of service in buying and selling large and small cardboard boxes. This company has been providing its services since 1930. A benefit of going with this platform is that you would not require worrying about any shipping fees or arranging the transportation. Duffy Box owns more than 200 trailers to professionally buy the boxes and recycle them to reduce environmental pollution. You can get a quote for the stock of empty boxes you have by contacting them on their official website.

BoxsMart For A Higher Box Volume

Box Mart is a great option when it comes to selling the boxes for higher prices and according to the box condition. You can sell the misprinted or shipping boxes to the most obsolete ones. However, you would get paid according to the condition of the boxes. List your cardboard boxes for sale with their pictures and condition. It would help identify whether they could be reused or are only for recycling. You would also not require bailing the boxes, which would also increase profit by reducing the expenses. Become a permanent partner of the BoxMart or a one-time seller according to choice.

Trade Boxes at UsedCardBoardBoxes.Com

UsedCardBoardBoxes.Com is a brilliant option to make money by sending your cardboard stock for recycling. Moreover, several people also visit this website to buy brown or white cardboard boxes for moving. Similarly, several home-based businesses also prefer buying good-quality used boxes on this website. Therefore, you can sell the boxes under a high budget to such entities without bailing them. Moreover, they would also pick up the boxes on the customer’s behalf, or people would pick those up by visiting your location.

All these mentioned ways of making money from recycling cardboard boxes are quite amazing. You could choose any of them according to the ease and volume of the boxes you have to sell for recycling. It is easy money that would also help you to serve nature by reducing the recyclable packaging going to waste dumps and landfills.