Escape Rooms: The Ultimate Way to Test Your Relationship 

Escape Rooms: The Ultimate Way to Test Your Relationship 

Escape rooms have become the go-to activity for kids and adults alike. Besides the incredible experience they offer, escape rooms pride themselves in helping build many crucial life skills. They are one of the top game/outing choices for many companies when they want to teach teamwork and time management values to their employees and teams. Schools take their students to escape room games and sometimes make DIY escape rooms for their students for the very seasons. Escape rooms are also a great spot for family outings, too. 

They offer all genres, from superheroes to detectives, making it a perfect place for family outings. But, did you know that escape rooms are also a great place for going out on dates with your partner? 

With the increasing popularity of escape rooms, they have become an in-demand hangout spot for people of all ages. This also includes being a very, very popular dating activity, too. Escape rooms are one of the perfect ways to build communication and teamwork within your relationship. Whether you visit an escape room in New York or an escape room in Palm Springs, good times are guaranteed! 

Let’s explore the reasons why escape rooms are the ultimate way to test your relationship. 

  1. Unique recreation  

A date at an escape room isn’t like your typical date. Plus, let’s be real, who wouldn’t want an unconventional date outing every once in a while? Moreover, even if you decide to have multiple dates at escape rooms, you’re guaranteed to have a unique experience on each visit. Escape rooms have elaborate themes and genres, all suitable for adults. Hence, escape room dates can never let you get bored or become repetitive. Every escape room offers a new challenge, a new mystery, and a new set of puzzles. Hence, there are multiple opportunities for you and your partner to bond over something new. 

  1. Encourages cooperation  

We mentioned earlier how companies and schools opt for escape room activities to help build a spirit of teamwork among their employees and students, respectively. The same goes for personal relationships, too. Escape rooms can’t be solved by perceiving them as a one-man-army thing, just like certain problems in life. To live in harmony with your partner, you guys need optimum cooperation between the two of you. Hence, there is no better way to encourage cooperation than to go for an escape room experience.  

  1. Builds patience 

As humans, we all make mistakes, and we all have our shortcomings. It is incredibly unfair to expect your partner to be perfect, especially if you know that you are an imperfect person. Hence, for any relationship to flourish, you need patience. Lots of it. Escape rooms, believe it or not, help build patience. Escape rooms are no child’s play. They offer you challenges and those.  

The challenges are good. By good, we mean quite difficult to crack in the first go itself. Hence, there will be times when you’d get the answer wrong several times. This doesn’t mean you don’t have what it takes to solve the puzzles. All it means is that you need to be a little more patient with it, and the answer will eventually come to you.  

  1. Tests your chemistry 

This applies mostly to new couples. Since escape rooms require enough teamwork and cooperation, they’re the perfect way to test your chemistry with your partner. It’s also the perfect way to get to know each other and bond over interests (and even differences). This out-of-the-box date is bound to bring the two of you incredibly close to each other. 

Final thoughts  

Ditch those conventional date ideas and book an escape room experience now. You never know what side of your partner you might just end up discovering.