CAT Online Coaching: Key Features

There’s a great saying, “A coach is someone that sees beyond your limits and guides you towards success.” Coaching helps enhance skills so students can perform best in their desired exams. A good coach can lead a to a successful path.

Our experts at Hitbullseye will help the candidates crack the CAT exam in the best way through online coaching.

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Why do you need CAT coaching?

If guided by experts and experienced mentors, aspirants can put a dedicated effort into CAT preparation. The coaching centres aim to prepare students with advanced and flexible teaching methods. All study packages are tailored to fulfil your need for CAT preparation. Hitbullseye also extends sources to let candidates gear up for exhaustive preparation.

Coaching helps the students to prepare for the exam-like environment and avoid anxiety. Therefore students must take CAT coaching if they are serious about the exam.

CAT 2022

CAT is one of the most popular MBA entrance tests. It is the main source for admissions in IIMs and other elite b-schools. CAT 2022 will be conducted in November. With more than 2 lakh aspirants appearing for the exam, CAT offers tough competition for the limited admission seats. Here, CAT Coaching classes come to the rescue.

Due to COVID-19 spread and social distancing precautions, online coaching programs have gained popularity among CAT aspirants. Online classes are convenient for students in many ways. 

Some of the advantages of why a student must opt for online coaching are given below:

Advantages of CAT Online Coaching

In today’s scenario, there is an increase in the popularity of Online Coaching. Since CAT is one of the most difficult entrance exams, online preparation is the best medium for aspirants from remote places and with tight schedules. Both working professionals and college students prefer CAT online coaching. The following points illustrate the major benefits of choosing the online mode of learning:


Flexibility is the major advantage of online coaching. Candidates can learn timings at their convenience. The preparatory material is available online, and students can access it anytime. 

Cost Effective

There is a huge variety of customised course offerings, gaining momentum among many aspirants. The course fees are also lower as organising costs like maintaining physical structures, preparation material, entire centre operation setups, etc., are very low. Students need to spend less on buying physical books and test papers. Also, online courses are priced lesser than classroom coaching.

Enhance Learning

The classroom environment only has a limited amount of students studying and attending lectures. While the online platforms offer the same lecture to hundreds of students attending simultaneously, improving the overall learning experience, candidates of various geographies can interact, hence learning from the questions asked.

Time Saver

Online classes are a great time-saver. Aspirants can save time which is usually spent travelling to coaching centres. This also means you can learn faster than the conventional classes.

Updated Study Material

It is relatively easier and faster to update study materials online. Students have better access to the study material with different options like e-books, test series, online coaching etc. So, the quality of education is way more efficient in CAT online coaching and prepares students as per the latest exam pattern and syllabus.


In these difficult times, with a deadly pandemic outbreak spreading worldwide, it would be risky to go to the classrooms and study in classrooms full of students. Hence online coaching is a great way to overcome this situation and will soon be the more accepted way of studying. 

How to choose the best CAT Online Coaching?

Whenever students decide to use the online platform for taking CAT coaching, then students must keep in view the following points:

Demo Class

CAT Demo classes are designed to give insights into the course a candidate is to apply for. It is better to opt for a running Demo online class. Candidates can get an idea of the level of understanding from the actual classes. The answers in such classes will give students an idea about whether to go for online coaching or not. If the queries are duly answered, the candidate will be satisfied by selecting the coaching institution.

Past Results

Focus on the ratio of good results to the number of enrolled students and analyse the past result of the institute. Also, determine the number of final B-School admissions.


The online CAT classes serve the best if the trainer can create interest in the topic and teach what is relevant to the examination. It is better to interact with the experts regarding the CAT preparation strategy. Also, find out how interested the students are in the class.

Test series

There should be ample CAT exercises in the online preparation classes. You need to check whether the coaching Institute has full-length Mock Tests. You must check whether the test series will follow the CAT examination pattern or not. The candidate must analyse all these questions before selecting the right coaching.

Be your judge

Online coaching classes are trending as aspirants find them more convenient, but you must select the right coaching based on the parameters mentioned earlier. The examination is not easy and requires hard work. It would be best if you had online CAT coaching that could make you perform your best in CAT 2022.

Besides the above information, candidates must also focus on details like the number of live sessions, batch size, and availability of Doubt clarification classes. Aspirants must ask for a course module and a few feedback on different dates to assess the quality. This will help the candidate choose the best available online preparation option.


With the increasing popularity of online coaching and safety concerns, candidates must opt for coaching to tackle tough competition and situations. Online coaching is becoming a new way of learning which is very efficient for the students. If students are serious about the exam they want to appear for, they must not leave any option towards success and must make the best strategy with the coaching provided. Online coaching is the best way to excel in the desired exams.