Wine Cellar Gate:  A Great Storage Solution For Your Wine Collection!

Wine Cellar Gate:  A Great Storage Solution For Your Wine Collection!

If you are an enthusiastic wine collector, looking out for effective ways to store your growing wine collection, consider installing a built-in wine cellar with a thermally efficient wine cellar gate door. A high-quality engineered wine cellar door acts as a barrier between the wine cellar and the rest of the residential or commercial space.

It helps to store wine effectively by maintaining proper temperature and humidity levels inside the storage room. Thus, a wine cellar door can help you age your wine in an environment that possesses the minimal risk of putting a negative impact on your wine quality.

Now, you must be wondering if it’s really worthwhile to have such a protective barrier. Well, let us tell you that a wine cellar door is specifically designed to block the movement of air in both directions.

That means, unlike a regular interior door, this protective barrier can withstand two different types of climates on either side, providing high thermal insulation.  Hence, if you choose not to use a wine cellar door, you may risk losing the merits of storing your wine collection in a controlled climate.

However, ensure to get a wine cellar door that perfectly fits into its frame without affecting the ease of handling. And the ideal store to purchase high-quality wine cellar doors is Sylvan’s Custom Iron Works!

Types of Wine Cellar Doors

The most common types of wine cellar doors are made from wood, glass, steel, and wrought iron, offering standard single opening or double door opening. Although all kinds of wine cellar doors serve the same purpose – keeping up the required levels of temperature and humidity inside the wine cellar, an iron door proves to be the best material.

An iron wine cellar gate door has high durability and weather resistance power to withstand two different climatic conditions on both sides of the door. Moreover, this cellar door possesses a baroque appearance that can add charm and elegance to any residential or commercial space. Overall, the best thing about installing an iron wine cellar gate is that you get a dreamy-looking secure entrance to show off your incredible wine collection.

Reasons to Choose a Wine Cellar Door

Numerous reasons can stop you from storing your wine bottles in cupboards or drawers and invest in an effective wine storage solution instead. So, if you have already faced situations where you had to dump your wine bottles due to deteriorated taste of wine, you can understand the value of a good wine storage solution. Now, without any ado, let’s look at the essential reasons to install a premium quality wine cellar door.

  • Maintains the Wine Quality: As wine is a natural food product, it tends to get spoiled when exposed to fluctuating temperature and humidity levels. Thus, having a well-constructed wine cellar can preserve and improve the quality of wine to a large extent. But having a wine cellar alone cannot keep up the wine from spoiling. You would also require an efficient cellar door to block any passage of airflow into the wine cellar. Ideally, a wine cellar should maintain a 55 degrees Fahrenheit or slightly cooler temperature consistently within the room to prevent the wine from oxidizing or spoiling.
  • Visually Appealing: A wine cellar gate door is not just a matter of utility; rather it’s a beautiful addition to your home’s aesthetics. However, choosing a personalized wine cellar door with top-notch design and functionality can seem daunting until you have the right contractor in place. Here at Sylvan’s, you’ll get ample opportunities to choose wine cellar doors from a wide range of designs and styles that can precisely match your taste, preference, budget, and home interior.
  • Convenience: Having a wine cellar at home allows you to confidently invest in more expensive and premium quality wines. It’s even more advantageous when you have a thermal-efficient wine cellar door installed to protect your wine storage room. Proper storage for your wine collection can increase their value, helping you make more money when you sell them. In addition, it can increase the resale value of your property as serious buyers tend to pay more for the convenience of having a built-in wine storage space and an effective barrier in the form of a door.

Over to You!

Having a custom-built wine cellar undoubtedly allows you to step into the room and admire the amazing wine collection that you have gathered over the years. While some homeowners prefer to keep their wine cellar open, others choose to get a wine cellar door installed. Installing a cellar door is the ideal option that all wine-collecting enthusiasts must choose.

When you have the right wine cellar door in place, you needn’t worry about preserving the taste and quality of your wines for ages. Sylvan’s uniquely designed wine cellar doors can help you enhance the visual appeal of your residential or commercial space as well as act as a protective layer for your incredible wine collection.

We are one of the leading manufacturers of wine cellar door gates, wrought iron furniture, and stair railings  Vancouver. So, if you want a good wine cellar to show off your wine collection and at the same time, prevent your wines from getting oxidized or spoilt, consider choosing a wine celler gate door at Sylvan’s Custom Iron Works. Feel free to connect with us if you have any queries regarding the purchase of wine cellar doors and we’ll be more than happy to assist you!