Are Video books going to be a game  changer

Are Video books going to be a game changer

Of late, video books have been making quite the stir in the industry as a promising alternative to pdf books or documents used for promotions and educational purposes. A Video Book can be very helpful in promoting ideas, capturing memories, and educating topics. With time, video books are becoming a perfect choice for personalized outreach of ideas that helps in prospecting a business or idea to a major population. It is a unique way to approach customers and partners and can be used as displays in showrooms both to promote and commemorate important events. These video books can be used in a variety of ways, such as:

Personalized Gifts: The video books make for a perfect personalized gifting item which gives a more classical approach to viewing content that reminiscences of the past beautiful memories. The memories can be crafted with creativity and elegance and displayed through a video book to serve the giving purpose. Lately, many people are opting for video books as a perfect gifting alternative to celebrate friendship, courtship, milestones of life, etc. New parents can use create the video books to capture the milestones in their child’s life, right from the very first moment to the first steps, first words, first day at school, etc. In short, video books are gradually capturing the gifting industry for being a creative and priceless alternative to gifting solutions.

Educational Approach: Video books can also be used by educational institutes to promote certain courses or curricula among aspirants. As most video books come with a space for 2 hours of video content, it serves the purpose of promoting a knowledgeable idea or lecture on a particular topic. Since these come with laminated hardcover so the cover can be used to put the company or institute name and other information.

Another popular way of educational approach is the availability of video books replacing normal pdf or audiobooks. Video books have come to be very popular with kids as they enjoy the storytelling more in a video set up in contrast to audiobooks.

Business Purposes: Many companies have come to use video books to promote a new product among customers and partners. The promotional video books are used by displaying in public areas, such as showrooms, malls, etc., and can help in reaching out to more and more customers. With the option of automatic video playback, it helps in reaching the targeted audience simply by handling the book, and once it is opened the video begins playing. This particular feature is quite useful from a promotional point of view. Many businesses find a way to forecast their technological upgradation through the use of these video books.

Why is a video book convenient?

The Video Book come with different screen sizes to choose from and one can look for a size that will serve their purpose. The LCD screen promises to offer a good display experience with sizes ranging from 2.4 inches to 7 inches. They come with powerful lithium-ion batteries that provide nearly 4 to 5 hours of playback time and can be recharged using a USB cable. Most video books are capable to store around 2 hours of content which again is very effective as the duration is good enough for different purposes or to store multiple short videos. However, the storage capacity can be customized as required upon request. The video books are usually provided with laminated hardcovers and both gloss and matte options are available to opt for.

As a customer, you can also opt for a multiple video setup in a single video book by integrating push buttons that can be used to play multiple videos. This particular feature can provide a user-friendly and interactive experience. With a book-like appearance, it is connected with a built-in magnet and sensor that senses when the book is opened and automatically starts playing the stored video.

One can also ask for some additional options in a video book, like the inclusion of a photo mode which can be used as a slideshow along with the video mode. If the video books are used for marketing purposes, then there are also options to integrate personalized books where you opt for variable data printing. The VDP helps in personalizing each book with a different name, in case you ordered a good amount of books. A personalized audio message and a video message can also be integrated upon request.

In addition, when you are using the Video Book as a marketing tool or a marketing strategy then you can also incorporate pockets in the books to use for some additional materials, and also add a slit to hold the business cards.

Final Word:

With technology being used in almost everything, video books have also managed to rule the market of gifts and promotional stuff with their creative flair and convenience. We are living in a century where the first impression is of much importance whether it be the near and dear ones or customers. So to create a charm with the technology is a better way to impress others and in this, the  Video Book is quite capable. With its ability to promote ideas, deliver messages, and create memories in a unique and effective way, it is definitely going to bring the change to the industry and bring a digital revolution in its genre.