Planning to Purchase a 15Kw Solar System? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Planning to Purchase a 15Kw Solar System? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Does your home really need a 15Kw solar power system to be installed? Given a 15Kw solar system price, is it really worth purchasing and mounting it on the rooftop of your house? Well, to get an answer to this, you first need to evaluate your household’s average energy consumption of electricity on regular basis.

Ideally, a 15Kw solar power system is a perfect fit for – residential buildings that have high levels of energy consumption and commercial establishments that have moderate to medium-sized energy requirements. You can easily find this information on your energy bills.

A 15Kw solar panel system is the best suit for households and businesses having a requirement of average daily energy consumption between 50kWh to 70kWh. However, one important point to keep in mind before purchasing a 15Kw solar panel system is that you should have enough space on your rooftop to mount it.

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How big is a 15Kw solar panel system setup?

Had it been 10 years ago, you would require a large roof space to mount a 15Kw solar panel system at your home. But, with the advent of the latest technologies in recent times, a modern-day 15Kw solar power system usually comes with 40-50 solar panels that have a wattage between 330-400W.

The first and most crucial step is to switch to a new energy supplier and look for suitable plans, such as those offered by Green Mountain Energy plans, which often provide free electricity on evenings and weekends.

Now talking about the roof space, you would require at least 75-90 m2 of space, based on the wattage of the panels. For instance, in Penrith solar panels of 370w wattage come with a setup that comprises 40 PV panels. Not only that, but the setup would also comprise a 10kW or 15kW CEC-approved inverter, other accessories, and the roof mounting structure.

What is the cost of a 15Kw solar panel system in Penrith?

In Penrith, you will find different companies offering different prices for a 15Kw solar system. Ideally, a 15Kw solar system price is measured in terms of its size, category, and energy produced per watt. Apart from that, you may also find variations in the cost of the power generation system due to the brand, store, or location of your home.

Please note that you do not have to spend hefty amounts for purchasing a 15Kw solar power system. Want to know why? Well, it’s because of the pledge of promoting Green Energy that the government provides subsidies on the price of 15Kw solar panel systems.

What’s the amount of electricity produced by a 15Kw solar power system?

In Penrith, solar panels have proved to be an incredible source of energy production. So, if you are looking for modern options to elevate the energy efficiency of your household, a 15Kw solar power system can be the ideal solution. On average, such a panel system generates 60kWh of power and you can utilize it according to your household’s energy consumption requirements.

However, a key point to note here is that the location plays an essential role in determining the amount of energy a 15Kw solar power system can produce. It’s extremely important to consider your location and the position in which the panel system is placed on your rooftop.

You should always get the solar panels installed at a place where they can receive maximum sunlight. Because your residential solar power system can only provide maximum output when they receive maximum sun radiation.

Is it worth installing a 15Kw solar power system at your home?

The answer to this frequently asked question is that installing a 15Kw solar panel system on a residential or commercial establishment is always worth it in Penrith. If you run a business, you know the importance of managing the overhead costs. The ever-rising electricity costs have made it more difficult for high-energy consumption households and businesses to control utility expenses. You can lower your monthly electricity costs as well as save the environment by using solar energy. Here are a few key points that make a 15Kw solar power system worth installing:

  • Buying such a solar panel system will help you save considerable amounts on your electricity bill.
  • As a homeowner, you will be eligible to receive financial incentives from the state and local governments for installing a 15Kw solar panel system on your rooftop.
  • Investing in a solar panel system will provide you with a 6-13% ROI (return on investment) compared to most other investments these days.
  •  You can reduce your dependency on a grid power system for electricity by installing a 15kW solar panel system at your home.

Bottom Line

Now that you have read the entire blog, you have every important information about a 15Kw solar panel system. In Penrith solar panels of different types, sizes, power generation capacities, and prices are available. So, you can possibly get overwhelmed while choosing the right solar panel system for your home. Be mindful, look at the specifications thoroughly, and check the solar company’s reviews, ratings, and price quotes before making the final purchase.