How to help your customer make it through a tattoo session

How to help your customer make it through a tattoo session

If you are an inking professional then you must have gone through the agonizing faces of your clients and the ear-piercing screams during a tattoo session. You must have felt the pain too and would want to extend some help to relieve them of the pain. Although there are plenty of tips to help your clients, one effective option is to Shop Numbing Cream TKTX. Numbing creams are formulated to give the experience of a painless inking period. Let’s check out the strategies that can help in a calm and composed tattoo session.

Calming the nerves and relaxing before and during the session can be very helpful as it helps in relieving the pain. A tensed muscle and nervous mind will do nothing but stimulate the pain and make the session more difficult both for you and the client. Some important tips to help your clients calm down are as follows:

  • Deep breathing can be very helpful to deal with anxiety and calm the nerves. You can ask your clients to try counting while breathing as that helps in shifting the focus and relaxation of the body and mind.
  • Another practice could be mindfulness where your client can concentrate on the immediate surrounding and not on the inking procedure. Mindfulness is a very useful technique to deflect from the concerned topic by using the senses to find other areas to concentrate.
  • You can also create a distraction for your client by engaging them in a chit-chatting session or watching a match or movie that will help in shifting the focus and keeping calm.
  • Listening to music is always a stressbuster and in this case, can help forget the pain or inking sensation once they are lost in the music. You can also use the binaural beats to create a trance-like state for your client where they will be relaxed yet alert

Apart from calming the mind what can be helpful is using some other strategies that can be beneficial are:

Use of Numbing Cream

Numbing creams such as TKTX Cream are formulated to give a painless tattoo experience. Using the numbing creams can reduce the sensitivity of the pain in the skin and it acts as local anesthesia. It could be explained as getting inked but not the pain. Since the numbing creams are effective for hours so it is convenient for bigger tattoos that take a longer time to complete. Also, using numbing creams can be helpful in getting a tattoo done even in delicate or sensitive areas. Applying a numbing cream before inking can help in creating an image of a professional, knowledgeable, and trusted expert before your clients. It will be a win-win situation for both you and the client as the consignment will be completed in one schedule without the client requesting another schedule because of pain.

Proper Hydration:

Staying hydrated is always very important, however, it is recommended that before a tattoo session one should remain well-hydrated as that will make the skin more resilient. Skin resilience helps in enduring the pain and also helps to heal faster. Make sure you remind your client about the importance of hydration before the session and request them to maintain proper hydration from at least a week before the scheduled session.


The moisturization helps in nourishing the skin externally just as drinking water helps internally by providing moisture. The skin moisturization process needs to be followed from weeks before the inking. However, remind your client not to use any moisturizing lotion just before the session as that can affect the tattoo machine’s functioning.


The existence of body hairs is not acceptable in the area of inking so make sure that your client comes shaved before the session. However, there are certain things that should be taken care of, so make sure you advise your clients about the same: Shaving should be done with utmost care so that it doesn’t leave any cuts or razor burns as that would make it impossible to get inked. If your client is opting for waxing then remind them to keep at least a week gap between the waxing and the tattoo session, as the skin needs to heal after a waxing. Advise them not to use an alcohol-based aftershave lotion as it tends to dry out the skin. Moreover, the ones with thick body hair should try shaving the area of the tattoo around three times a week and use moisturizer to prepare the skin, as the tattoo work requires a smooth surface to work on.

Rest and Eat:

A healthy diet and a good night’s dream is often the best solution for any anxiety or restlessness. Even if your client complains of a stressed feeling for the inking session, advise them to rest properly and eat healthy to prepare for the D day.

All these tips are quite simple but very effective in helping the customer to make it through the tattoo session. However, what comes as the most efficient and useful to help your customer relieve the pain is the numbing creams that are available in the market, like TKTX Cream, which is quite popular nowadays.

Bottom Line:

As a tattoo artist, it is important that you take care of the comfort and experience of your clients. So, apart from creating a cozy setup and investing in quality equipment, also Shop Numbing Cream TKTX to give your clients a painless session. Motivate them and guide them on the do’s and don’t after an inking session and also the post-tattoo care regime. Work on making your client feel relaxed and offer them a friendly attitude.