Flying CO2 Laser Marking Machine

Flying CO2 Laser Marking Machine

Are you looking for an incredibly fly system solution to laser marking? The Flying CO2 Laser Marker is the answer. It is capable of marking on any type of non-metal product. Flying Co2 Laser Marking Machine is a laser marking printer that is specially designed for the automatic production line for flying printing of barcodes, manufacturing date and lot numbers. It is dedicated to the pipeline industry as it is freely movable on its X-axis and Y-axis, real full touch mode, smart mark-on-the-fly guide, flexible/rotatable laser head,and fixture. Therefore, it is also known as the Online Pipe Marking Machine. 

Chief Features:

The machine makes use of a high-speed scanning system to get accurate and speedy results in marking.

The Flying Co2 Laser Marking Machine assures 20,000 hours of maintenance-free, dependable performance.

The operation cost is not much as there is no requirement for any consumables. 

In order to make the operation completely sound and safe, the Flying CO2 Laser Marker features a compact and modular structure.

There is a visible red diode for aiming and dry run operations. 

Professional Laser Marking software has a User-Friendly Interface with controls that allows connection to multiple laser systems with one computer. 

Discrete Functionality 

A very flexible approach to design as well as engineering.

High marking speed which is easy to install and use.

You have the option to use multiple heads.

Bespoke lasers with excellent temperature control

Industry Application:

The Flying CO2 Laser Marking Machine is applied to many kinds of nonmetal products like cloth, bamboo, wood, leather, acrylic, glass, plastic, rubber, ABS, PVC, construction ceramics, PMMA Sheet, organic materials, and epoxy. These are widely used in garment accessories, crafts and gifts, building ceramics, medical equipment, sanitary ware, plastic sheet materials, small businesses, school education, eyeglasses and clocks, home business, small shop, auto parts, and other industries. 

Key Benefits of Flying CO2 Laser Marker:

No consumables like cartridges or inks.

Facilitates marking on moving and stationary objects.

Low wear and tear and thus low maintenance cost.

Compact high-quality printing and that too continuously.

Adjustable marking styles which allow marking on uneven surfaces.

How does a Flying CO2 Laser Marker work on LED?

A Flying CO2 Laser Marking Machine can also be used to mark on both sides of the CFL/LED simultaneously where one side will have the branding of the product and the other side will have the specifications. 

Uncover the advantages of Hand Held Metal Engraving Machine

Laser Cutting and Engraving technology allow us to do a lot of things, nowadays. Over the years, laser technology have found several areas of application from manufacturing aircraft to jewelry design. Have a look at some of the notable advantages of laser marking.

(1) Contactless Marking on multiple surfaces: A Hand Held Metal Engraving Machine allows engraving information pieces on a number of surfaces like metal, wood, leather, plastics, acrylic, and ceramics. Laser marking is performed with the help of focused light. There is no contact of the marking surface with the laser creating tool. There is also no need to spend on manpower as they are handheld, printing die or parts that are required in other forms of printing. 

(2) Low-Cost Marking Solution: A Hand Held Metal Engraving Machine definitely saves costs for your clients, unlike other marking solutions where a die or special treatment is required. You can achieve flawless and consistent printing with this laser technology in any industrial space along with easy integration into the production line.  When you are making use of laser machines, you are freed from the cost of mending wear and tear of the die, replacement of the die, or repeated creation of new die for printing. Thus, maintenance involves low costs when it comes to laser machines. 

(3) Fends off Replication: This is one of the most important functions of laser markers. Markings engraved with a Hand Held Metal Engraving Machine cannot be hampered easily. Thus, you can stay away from illegal activities like replacement of genuine products with fake ones. 

(4) Faster Output: Together with faster printing technology, a Hand Held Metal Engraving Machine are regarded as high speed and high accuracy devices. Rush orders can be completed by taking advantage of this machine. The speed of a Metal Marking Machine can be as high as 5 to 7 m/s. complete control of the precision and accuracy of printing is ensured by the printing software on the computer to the user. 

(5) Permanent Markings: Laser Printing is the best option when it comes to products with longer shelf life. The markings are permanent and unlike paper stickers, the markings won’t fade off or peel off.