Avoid these mistakes for an optimal posture on the elliptical cross trainer

Avoid these mistakes for an optimal posture on the elliptical cross trainer

The firm grip of the handles

Many make the mistake of only slightly embracing the handles of the arm pedals. As a result, a lot of athletic potentials is lost, because the upper body is not trained with the possible efficiency in this case. The safety aspect should not be underestimated either: By suddenly letting go, you could lose your balance on the elliptical cross trainer.

The hip should not swing back and forth

Make sure that the hip remains in a circular movement during training and does not swing outwards. In the long run, this can lead to unpleasant stress for the lumbar spine.

Under no circumstances train on tiptoe or on the ball of the foot

For a secure stand, the entire foot surface should rest. If this is not the case, it can lead to a one-sided strain on muscle groups. A straight posture is a prerequisite for all planned muscle parts to be trained evenly.

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Buy the best elliptical cross trainer for your own goals – you have to pay attention to that!

Your new elliptical cross trainer for the home should move you, and in every respect positively! With this claim in mind, you should be aware that the motivating feel-good factor and the efficiency of the training effect stand or fall with the equipment. Therefore, use the following information as purchase advice to individually weight central selection criteria for your new elliptical cross trainer.

Distance of the foot pedals on an elliptical cross trainer for home

If you want to buy an elliptical or elliptical trainer, then the distance between the pedals should be about 20 to 30 cm. Taller people tend to depend on a greater distance. The drive and the brake are the functional heart of an elliptical cross trainer: Pay attention to resilient and at the same time functional quality so that you can enjoy a round training pleasure. Low-noise and low-wear magnetic brakes are indicators of long-lasting quality and a high level of comfort, as is the case with our models for such an exercise bike.

This is how you get going on the elliptical cross trainer…

Although you want to buy your new elliptical cross trainer cheaply, it should be able to move it to the maximum. Therefore, pay attention to an oscillating mass that allows great resistance and thus sporty variation. Under no circumstances should it be less than 18 kilograms of flywheel mass. With our models, you can sometimes enjoy significantly more variably usable flywheel mass. As far as individual and interactive use is concerned, an integrated training computer proves to be an important component in order to always have progress and vital functions in view. By linking to a fitness app, the workout on the elliptical cross-trainer at home can become an interactive experience. By connecting or attaching options for a smartphone, you can, for .B, enhance the training experience with your favorite music, which has a positive effect on mood and motivation.

Best elliptical cross trainer? Our high-performance models offer moving equipment

It is understandable that it should be the best elliptical cross trainer for your sporting goals. In this respect, with our elliptical cross trainers for the home, you rely on the functional quality, which gives you numerous possibilities for individual sporting self-realization with the following equipment.

How should an elliptical cross trainer be equipped?

  • These functional highlights are offered by our models
  • Profiled stands with raised edges for optimum grip
  • Whisper-quiet operation for an appealing training atmosphere
  • Clear multifunction display for training overview
  • Sensors in the handles for monitoring the training pulse
  • Smartphone/tablet holder for interactive use
  • Powerful magnetic brake for safe and smooth operation
  • Large flywheel mass with various adjustment options
  • Bottle holder to compensate for fluid loss without breaks
  • Practical transport rollers to be able to move the exercise bike effortlessly if necessary
  • Predefined fitness programs and compatibility with other tools such as a fitness app or Polar watch

Health-oriented accessories such as a heart rate belt make it possible to understand the individual load limit based

Does it have to be the best elliptical cross trainer? Even as a beginner, keep the motivation high right from the start!

You can also opt for a powerful model as an elliptical cross trainer beginner that opens up many useful options for you. So you always have new opportunities to improve, to provide for variety, and to target ambitious training goals. In addition, it can be assumed that you will practice this trend sport for a long time.

Purchase advice for elliptical cross trainers: You should think about this

Which device is to be regarded as your best elliptical cross trainer, of course, also depends on the intended usage profile. Therefore, you should include the following questions in the purchase decision to be made:

  • What are your sporting goals?
  • How many people use the elliptical cross trainer?
  • What are the differences in size and weight?
  • How much space do you have at home for the new elliptical cross trainer (note installation dimensions)?
  • Do you value numerous functions and connectivity (e.B. tracking of training results via app)?

Where can you use the elliptical cross trainer at home to save space?

The right equipment has been found, the ambitious fitness goals have been formulated. Soon after the delivery of the exercise bike, the health-active workout can start. But in a relatively small 3-room apartment, the location for an elliptical cross trainer needs to be well considered.

Inform yourself in the product description about the installation dimensions and see which space you can use, e.B. in the living room, bedroom or study. Remember to distinguish between unused and used condition in the dimensions for such an exercise bike. If you are active in sports on this fitness machine, you will have to plan more space in length and width due to the movements of the pedals and armbars. With regard to the installation dimensions, we recommend that an additional 20 cm be planned in length and width. This allows you to use a flexible degree of freedom of movement and you do not run the risk of hitting the wall. Non-foldable elliptical cross trainers such as our models offer the advantage of a very stable construction with high robustness. In any case, the savings potential of foldable models is limited and it is clearly at the expense of the overall stability.

Good to know: So every room can be used ideally

Integrated transport rollers ensure that our elliptical cross trainers can be easily moved before and after training. In sleep mode, you can thus ensure a space-saving storage. Especially in small rooms, this mobility is a clear advantage!

You want to enjoy a generous sense of space for an appealing training experience? In this respect, you should not only have the pure base area of the model in mind when choosing. When measuring the room, you should pay special attention to the ceiling height. In order to be able to make a reliable statement with regard to your body size, you have to calculate with the entry or running board height. For most available devices, the following formula is suitable.

❓ Did you know? How to calculate whether the ceiling height is sufficient for an elliptical cross trainer

Minimum height of the ceiling = body height + entry height + 20cm

(where the entry height is the height of the step shells in the lowest position)

In this formula, a certain feel-good distance of a few centimeters is calculated, because you will certainly not want to scrape past the ceiling with your head with every movement. Most of the ceilings are about 240 cm high. In old buildings, ceiling heights of 3 meters or more are not uncommon. You can use these values as a reference if you add values from the product description to the formula. For the height of the shoe soles, you can add 2 cm to have an additional buffer. Problems when setting up an elliptical cross trainer are usually only with a height of more than 1.90 meters. If you are taller, you should do the math more accurately.

Are you looking for more space-saving training equipment for the home to redefine your body center? Then discover our vibration plates as a trendy fitness alternative!