8 Coloring Techniques You Won’t Want to Miss in 2022

8 Coloring Techniques You Won’t Want to Miss in 2022

Summer is approaching, and the desire to display your hair coloring techniques will undoubtedly increase as the sun shines brighter. However, before you rush into the salon and ask them to make you blonde, consider what you’re throwing yourself into and why.

This concept might be difficult to grasp since there are many distinct highlights. Reading the terminology alone is generally enough to confuse you, but you must research photos of balayage, foliage, ombre, full foiled highlights, etc. There are even more colors, from caramel honey balayage hair to dark brown balayage with extensions.

But don’t be concerned! We’ll help you decipher the hazy terminology and gain a thorough grasp of the six different hair coloring procedures so you can show off your blonde or straight balayage brown hair this summer!

1.    The Trendy Balayage Coloring Techniques

Dark brown balayage extensions Coloring Techniques
Dark brown balayage extensions

Balayage is a fantastic alternative if you want something natural-looking and is only a couple of tones brighter than your natural coloring techniques. Every piece is meticulously hand-painted with the appropriate quantity of vibrancy to give you the perfect sun-kissed look. It is a stunning way to make your hair appear healthy and add depth. Wavy and straight balayage brown hair is a popular option for those looking for a subtle change.

Balayage is a mellow-tone creating process that occurs naturally. If you prefer golds, rich browns, reds, honey, and champagne, this will suit your style. Due to the popularity of balayage, you can easily get bright, blonde, and dark brown balayage hair extensions, which you can install without going through the coloring process.

The Difference Between A Full And Partial Balayage

  • A full balayage includes the entire head; below the crown and down to the nape.
  • A partial merely covers the top half, from the rear crown to the tips of each side.

You might wonder why you should choose a full or partial balayage; they create dimension and high contrast between your natural hair and the tinted sections.

Hair toners are frequently used to reduce the degree of red, copper, orange, or gold created by the bleaching procedure. Such warm tints exist naturally in the hair and become visible after the bleaching process. So don’t be concerned during the process. Toners are used every 6-8 weeks during appointments to maintain the proper straight balayage brown hair.

2.    The Foiliage Technique For Deep Saturation

Brilliant blonde Coloring Techniques
Brilliant blonde

Think brilliant blonde with an effortless grow-out when you hear the phrase foiliage. With this process, you get the following advantages: the brilliance of foiled highlights mixed with balayage ease.

It is a process that offers a rooted look, and the coloring technique is designed to have a lot of contrast. If you can’t decide between foils and balayage, give the foiliage technique a chance.

When the dye comes into touch with the hair, it provides greater saturation and warmth. The foiliage is a more technically demanding procedure for your cuticles than the caramel honey balayage hair coloring techniques.

Pro Tip: Apply hair masks 1-3 times a week to keep your hair healthy.

3.    The Color Melt Coloring Techniques

The melted Coloring Techniques result
The melted result

A color melt is frequently used after foiliage, balayage, or foiled highlights. Your colorist will utilize 2-3 colors, begin at the base with the deepest toner, move a few inches down with a light toner from the half-section, and use the lightest toner for the ends.

Unlike straight balayage brown hair and foiliage techniquies, the color melt is a toning process and requires skills to perform it successfully. In balayage and other coloring techniques, the melting process is done as a shield to cover the cuticles and provide a shiny & healthy appearance.

Using three colors is rather deceptive, as each segment of a gradient from dark to bright will have many colors blended to produce the desired effect. So, if you have a dark color at the base, it might be blended with three different colors to achieve that shade. The color in the middle and the ends are the same. It’s a labyrinth, but the result is breathtaking!

4.    The Babylight Coloring Techniques

The babylight method
The babylight method

This is a fantastic approach for the blondes who never exactly feel blonde enough but aren’t nearly platinum. Babylights produce stunning outcomes, but they require a lot of upkeep.

The process includes taking thin sections of hair and beaching them inside foiled foils– due to the tiny sections, it is time-consuming and needs timely touch-ups every 8-10 weeks. That being said, you achieve the brightest blonde color possible.

Compared to bellami extensions balayage on dark hair or foiliage, aftercare is critical; you’ve put time and money into the process, so taking care of it reaps the greatest rewards. To build a robust product foundation, ensure purchasing keratins and utilizing high-quality products. Shampoo, oil, conditioner, and heat protectant make up the foundation. Make certain they’re moisture-centric.

5.    Double Processed Blonde Technique

The iconic color
The iconic color

Anyone for the iconic babe hair? This blonde-color process creates the distinctive all-over solid blonde tint that shouts blondes have more fun. Among all the blonde coloring techniques, this double processed blonde method requires the most maintenance– which is why many women prefer dark brown balayage extensions and balayage colors.

You will need to book regular touch-ups to conceal the harsh line that appears as your hair grows. After getting the double blonde technique, ensure to use keratin treatments to restore it. It is also essential to tone your babe blonde hair. Touch-ups should be done every 6-9 weeks or depending on how rapidly your hair grows.

6.    The Beloved Copper Highlight Technique

Gorgeous copper highlights
Gorgeous copper highlights

The year 2022 is ruled by stunning redheads, but not just any redheads. The color is copper-red, and it’s rather lovely. The colors range from intense red to delicate strawberry blonde, but they all have copper accents.

No two reds are the same, so bring images to your colorist so they can have a clear sense of the copper tone you like. A caramel honey balayage hair or highlight is often used to get the effect, followed by copper toners or hair colors.

7.    The Ombre Technique

Stunning ombre transition
Stunning ombre transition

Darker roots blend into lighter ends in ombré. Since natural color is not consistent through the ends, it is far more noticeable than bright or caramel honey balayage hair.

The process includes picking every strand and coloring it from the mid-lengths to the ends, rather than choosing portions and keeping a natural hue. Always double-check that your stylist has integrated the color evenly and properly; otherwise, it will appear to be a dip-dye technique.

8.    The Lowlight Technique

Lowlight with a hint of caramel honey balayage hair
Lowlight with a hint of caramel honey balayage hair

A natural core tone is used in this color-lightening approach. Lowlights are utilized to define the ends of the hair from the mid-lengths, creating a shadow look while softening up any blockiness from the highlights. Lowlights eliminate the need for color upkeep by softening the regrowth and incorporating your natural color throughout. This lowlight approach is for you if you want a small change that captures the light.


As summer is approaching, it’s time to display your gorgeous ombre or straight balayage brown hair by coloring techniques to your hair or using dark brown halo balayage tape in hair extensions. Choose from the 8 coloring methods mentioned above and shine brighter than the sun this summer! If you are searching for bright ombre, rooted, or dark brown balayage extensions, search for a hair salon that carries extensions from Halo Couture. Their extensions are made from Remy hair and crafted to last!

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