Know What Different Colors Of Lilies Signify Before Gifting!

Know What Different Colors Of Lilies Signify Before Gifting!

The botanic name for lily is Lilium which comes from the Latin name Linnaean. Lilies generally grow in these five colors white, yellow, pink, red, and orange. Socially lilies are considered the finest floral gift for loved ones. But, before you pick any color, let us investigate the meanings associated with each color of the lily flower. It would give better insights while selecting the lily flower for any significant occasion that matter in your and your dear one’s life. 

White Lily

White lily signifies purity and virginity. White lilies are the most suitable flowers for a mother’s day celebration. Mother’s love is the purest thing in this world, and honoring her on mother’s day or birthday by greeting her with white lilies is a good gesture to express your love for her. They are also good as an offering to gods. If you’re devoted and practice offerings flowers to your god once in a while, white lilies are the best to fit your needs. Those who are just engaged, give your fiancé or fiancée white lilies as they signify a new start and a prestigious moment in your life.

Yellow Lily

The yellow lily is special and signifies happiness and cheer. They are suitable to gift to every relationship with your friends and family. Occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, special days like daughter’s day, or parent’s day can be celebrated by giving yellow roses to the respective person. As yellow lilies symbolize joy, they are the most preferred flowers for celebrating joyful moments. We spend a significant period with friends in our life. Celebrating friendship day by giving yellow lilies to your friends make the moment joyous that you can cherish throughout your life. Also, if you wish to surprise them on their birthday, these bright and fresh yellow lilies can add more happiness to their day. 

Pink Lily

Pink lily represents womanhood, love, and admiration. Thus, you can gift them on women’s day to lovely ladies in your life, including your mother, sister, wife, friend, or girlfriend. Giving a bunch of pink lilies to your girlfriend on her birthday would surely make them feel loved, and she’ll surely be thankful for your lovely gesture. Also, if you admire someone for their work or beauty, you can secretly let them know by sending a bouquet of lilies online to their doorstep. You can mix pink lilies with other flowers to make the arrangement look extraordinarily beautiful. Visit the local florist and ask them to make a wonderful arrangement of flowers, including pink lilies. Any expert florist would be able to make an astonishing design for the floral arrangement with pink lilies.

Red Lily

Red is the color of love, and people prefer gifting red roses to their beloveds to express their lovely emotions. But, do you know that red lilies are the best fitting blossoms to express your heartfelt feelings. A red lily signifies love and passion, which means if you truly love someone from the depth of your heart, sending them red lilies would definitely be the best way to convey your feelings. They can be a better replacement for red roses on occasions like valentine’s day. If you’re planning any such moment for your loved ones in Bangalore, getting a flower delivery in Bangalore to their doorstep is easily achievable through online services.

Orange Lily 

Orange lily signifies warmth and welcoming someone with orange lilies who matter to you can bring a feel-good moment for them. There are several other meanings associated with this color of lily. They are energy, confidence, and honor. Greeting someone on their achievements and honoring them with an arrangement of orange lilies is highly appreciable. Apart from this, orange lilies convey the expression of fulfillment, so expressing your gratitude to your partner for being together throughout your life would be the right way to celebrate your anniversary.

This guide will surely give you the best option for choosing the specific color of lily flower fitting for the occasion and the relation. As a reader and a writer, we make sure to give sufficient knowledge on our topics, and we would love to know your thoughts on them.