IPad Pro Mini: New features in iPhone you can’t resist

IPad Pro Mini: New features in iPhone you can’t resist

Nowadays, all the tech lovers are waiting for iPhone 14. Apple is trying to provide the best user experience to people in the form of the iPhone.

In 2019, Apple introduced the iPad mini. You will be stunned to know that Apple will also introduce an upgraded version of this concept.

People were not expecting a fresh model of an iPad mini. Its reason is that according to tech experts, Apple works on providing yearly updates of MacBooks and iPhones, and it doesn’t have enough interest in providing the yearly updates of an iPad mini.

The latest news shows that Apple will also provide yearly updates on the iPad mini, just like MacBooks and iPhone.

New Features In the iPad Pro Mini

The technology field experts say that the iPad mini is 20% smaller than previous iPad models.

Therefore, Apple will not bring any change in the size of its screen. By retaining the same screen size, Apple will try to introduce new features to the iPad Mini.

These features will be attractive to the end-users. In the current version of iPad Mini, most users are not happy with the Home button.

It is revealed that Apple will use this button for the Face ID login in the iPad Pro Mini.

Screen Size:

Apple will never change the screen size of the iPad Mini in the iPad Pro Mini. But it will decrease the overall size of the iPad to make it portable for the users. The aspect ratio of an iPhone is 2 by 1.

On the other hand, the aspect ratio of the iPad Pro Mini will be 4 by 3. It will be easy for the users to read books on the iPad Pro Mini because the pages of the books will fit on its screen. The users can also run side-by-side apps on this iPad. The adjustment of the keyboard will also be impressive. It will not blot out the screen in the landscape.


Like the iPad Mini, it is also expected that the design of the iPad Pro Mini will also be square.

The squared design of the iPad Pro Mini will be attractive for the users. Apple will also introduce Apple Pencil 2 as the iPad Mini people had liked it very much.

Its size will be reduced, and Apple will introduce a light model of the iPad Pro Mini.

Apple will also introduce the LiDAR Scanner and USB-C port in its new version.

Apple will also introduce some traditional features in this new model, like a camera and lightning port in the iPad Pro Mini.

If Apple wants to provide a better experience to the users, it should introduce a functional Smart Keyboard.

Size of iPad Pro Mini

We don’t have any official news about the size of the iPad Pro Mini. Most tech experts expect Apple to introduce the same 7.9 inches screen in the iPad Pro Mini.

The Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed another unofficial news that Apple will increase the size of the iPad Pro Mini to 8.5 inches.

On the other hand, Ortolani is against this news. He has revealed that Apple will stick to the previous size.

Anyhow, lots of tech analysts have started to give importance to the news of Ming-Chi Kuo.

According to them, if Apple introduces a larger screen in its new model, it will provide a better user experience.

According to Ortolani, if Apple introduces an 8.5 inches screen, it will provide the same experience as the iPad 5.

This iPad will be available to the users with some extra features. When Apple introduced the iPad 5, most people appreciated it.

 If Apple introduces the same size model, it won’t be easy to differentiate it from the tablet.


If we compare the views of Twitter users about the concepts of Ortolani and Ming-Chi Kuo, we know that supporters of Ortolani’s concept are more than the supporters of Ming-Chi Kuo.

 Its reason is that people are expecting the new version of the iPad Mini with a smaller screen.

The smaller screen of the iPad Pro Mini will also provide a better user experience.

Apple is also working on the larger screen in foldable phones. If Apple introduces these large screen foldable phones, users will prefer these foldable phones rather than iPad Pro Mini.

Therefore, Apple should be very careful about the design and launching time of the iPad Pro Mini for better profits.

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